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Welcome to our MJR Sound & Lights

This company was launched during the year 1951,by Mr.M.Jayaraman under the name and style "MJR ENTERPRISES". The Company was into Public Addressing. The Company worked for Thiru.Rajaji's Meeting and all the Party meetings during that time.

It worked to Thiru.Anantha Rama Dheeckshidar for Upanyasam

They worked for the great singers Thirumathi M.S.Subulakshimi, Thirumathi M.L.Vasanthakumari, Later during 70's they steped to the light music field.

To sum up the director of MJR Enterprises Thiru.G.Balaji has more than 30 years of experience in this field, With great technical Knowledge about the product he owns. Balaji Expertise in Making Acoustics to Studios and also centralized Air Conditioning. He trains the staff to meet the demands of the Customers. He doesn't satisfy with the good, he always aims to the best, and that’s the key to his success in this Competitive Field.

Who We Are

They worked for Thiru.Kamesh Rajamani, Thiru.A.V.Ramanan, Thiru.Shankar Supreme, Thiru.Shankar Ganesh, Thiru.Abaswaram Ramji, Thiru.Sivaraj Anand etc.

During 1980’s they worked for Thiru.Kunakudi Vaidhyanathan, Thiru.Vinayakram Gadam, Thiru.Sivamani etc

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